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WLF Board - Call for Nominations
Position Description

The WLF Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organization's support of the advancement of women in leadership roles. It is through the WLF Board of Directors that every member is represented in the governance of the organization. And, it is by the direct election of our Directors that each member exercises its ultimate control over the organization.

Specific Duties

• Develop and approve the association's long-term strategic plan;

• Oversee matters affecting the Association as they relate to policy;

• Review and approve the annual budget;

• Approve all proposed amendments to the Association's bylaws;

• Attend all Board meetings during tenure on the Board at your own expense;

• Fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors in accordance with the Association bylaws;

• Participate on committees and task forces;

• Understand and support the policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors;

• Assist in bringing in new members;

• Expend substantial time, energy and other resources on designated activities of the organization;

• Abide by the Code of Ethics for the Board of Directors and conduct business in an exemplary manner.


Any member in good standing and willing to commit to serve on the Board may submit a nomination.

Selection Criteria

The quality and balance of the Board is of higher priority than an arbitrary number of seats, so the committee will recommend a slate of candidates based solely on the merits of the addition of each candidate to the Board. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is comprised of representatives from the current WLF Board. Members of the Nominating Committee are required to keep all applicant information confidential and also to disclose any business relationships with any of the candidates. The Committee will meet and deliberate and select a slate of candidates based upon the Board approved criteria listed below. All candidates will be approved by the Board according to the requirements as outlined in the Bylaws and other applicable policies and procedures of WLF.

Criteria for Board Selection

▪ Current WLF member at the time of their election;

▪ Ability and willingness to attend all Board meetings and to actively support the organization financially and/or through voluntary efforts

• Demonstrated leadership and high standards of commitment to quality and ethical business practice in their industry or organization.

• Attend WLF functions

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Please return your completed application via email or by mail to WLF information:

By e-mail:


Women Leaders Forum of the Coachella Valley

74923 Hwy 111, PMB 129

Indian Wells, CA 92210